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ROGER PATTERSON The man who filmed bigfoot...or something that looks like bigfoot. A former rodeo rider, and author of a paperback book entitled "Do Abominable Snowmen Of America Really Exist?", set out to make a film documentary, and allegedly managed to film the Holy Grail of cryptozoolgy. Roger went on the talk show circuit promoting the and his Until his dying day, Roger never deviated from his original story that the film was indeed genuine.
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BOB GIMLIN Roger Patterson's companion on the famous expedition. Bob initially avoided the limelight that followed after the release. Bob sometimes shows up at bigfoot conventions to retell the story of encountering bigfoot on that fateful day in 1967. Bob still claims to this day, that the film is authentic. He does however leave open a small window of doubt that it might be possible that it was a hoax beyond his knowledge. page5_4 Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 2.35.38 PM
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Either this is the real deal or a man in a monkey suit. The bigfoot phenomenon can unarguably be traced back to the Patterson-Gimlin film of October 1967. Real or not, this film has had a huge impact on pop culture, cryptozoology, advertising, movies etc. page5_6 Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 3.10.59 PM Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 3.06.42 PM
Master special effects/makeup artist. Famous for designing the "The Planet of the Apes" costumes. Director John Landis claimed that Chambers was the one behind the Patterson suit. This was denied by Chambers, nonetheless certain theories involve John Chambers supplying the suit. More than likely because "Planet of the Apes" was being worked on close to this time frame, and Chambers was one of the few at that time who had knowledge and ability to make a believable suit. page5_8 Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 3.39.36 PM
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PHILIP MORRIS Costume maker extraordinaire! Morris claims that Patterson had contacted him in 1967 as a customer to purchase a common gorilla suit, much like the one in the photo above. Philip Morris still makes a wide assortment of costumes to this day. Whether or not a common ape suit back in the 60's (modified or stock) was actually what was seen in the Patterson film, is debatable.

The original 1960’s advertisement that Roger Patterson allegedly responded to according to Phillip Morris of Morris Costumes.
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The man who claimed recently he was bigfoot in the 1967 Patterson film shown here with Philip Morris and a bigfoot type costume. Bob alleges Roger Patterson promised to pay him $1000 to clomp through the woods in a musky modified monkey suit while Patterson filmed it. Bob claims he never saw a dime of the money, and as he states "It's time to let this thing go. I've been burdened with this for 36 years, seeing the film clip on TV numerous times. Somebody's making lots of money off this, except for me. But that's not the issue -- the issue is that it's time to finally let people know the truth."

page5_15 KIMA Yakima news featureing Herionimus and Morris.

This is a clip of the results of Bob Heironimus recreating the Patterson film in a suit provided by Phillip Morris:

Mr. Heironimus has several issues in my estimation regarding his claim to being the man in the bigfoot suit. He is one of many over the years to make this claim. His story varies from interview to interview on the details. I have read one account where he states Patterson obtained the suit from the Philip Morris company, and made a few modifications to it. In a seperate interview I had read, he said Patterson had used the skin of a dead horse and made a home made suit. Another thing that seems funny about his claim is the dollar amount he said Roger Patterson would pay him to get into the suit and do the walk. Bob came out of the proverbial Bigfoot closet in the late 90's, he claimed Roger Patterson would pay him $1000 for his work. This translates into about $5000 when Bob made this claim in 1999. Or in todays figures about $8500. This seems like an very large sum of money to claim someone was going to pay you in the late 1960s to put on a monkey suit for a quick film. I don't know about you, but I know people TODAY who would do this for $100 and a case of beer (maybe even less.) Offering someone several thousand dollars to put on a suit seems like a tall tale. In the sixties, I'm sure your could have found just about anyone to do it for $25 bucks or so. Even today, rarely do I hear people say "I'll give you a thousand dollars if you do _______" It seems like a much more modern day figure of money to offer someone for something. In the late 1960's, or 1970's, you just did not hear this kind of money being offered for a favor of this caliber. This little gem is often overlooked by people looking into Bobs story. If Bob would have said that Roger had offered him $25, $50, or even $100, this would sound more realistic to me. Yes it is possible Roger could have offered him this amount, but it just smells fishy. Bob Heironimus states Roger never paid him this $1000 he was allegedly promised. I would think that shortly after getting burned by Roger, one would have blown the whistle on the whole scam, or at least threatened Roger that you would so he could get his due money. Roger was making appearances on the Joey Bishop Show, Merv Griffith Show, radio interviews, multiple newspaper and magazine articles etc. One could have easily made Roger cut you in for whatever you wanted dollar wise or otherwise. One could have easily said "Roger, give me my money, or I am going public to tell everyone how this was done." The timing of this is very suspect. The time to blow this whistle is the moment you don't get your money, or possible at the peak of popularity, not 30 years later when the novelty has leveled off considerably. This also seems very strange to me. page5_16